Building the right lab for your company is one of the most important tasks for optimal outcome. It requires close and constant collaboration between the supplier, engineers, and lab owners.  At Genie Scientific, we take ownership in the proposal portion of our work together. We make sure your desired outcome is understood, along with the various circumstances and limitations surrounding your lab. Below we feature an interview with Oscar, a Genie engineer and AutoCAD professional who talks lab planning and process at Genie Scientific.

 What is the laboratory planning process at Genie Scientific?

When we receive a new client, we ask various questions to ascertain quickly if they need custom equipment or standard lab equipment installed. To do so, we find out space limitations, budget, task goals, number of staff and a few other factors. Once we have that information, it is handed to our estimators for analysis. From there our estimators go through the information and allocate the types of furniture needed for the job. We then create a 2D representation of our proposal and that will then come down to approval from the customer.

So you work with multiple people before using the AutoCAD software?

Yes, I work with Javier, Garrett, Sinisa, Tao and a few others to make sure we all understand what needs and how quickly and effectively we can give the client what they need for the project.

What does an AutoCAD drawing show the customer?

It is a total digital representation of what they’ve requested or what we’re proposing. It will communicate everything from size, color, type of pulls, the sheet metals that needs to be added or taken away, etc.

What happens once the client approves the draft?

After the client has approved the proposal, Ollie and I are given lead on the project here in engineering, where we program the sheet metal to be punched and made. The team meets every Tuesday and Thursday to discuss the progress of each project until the items are delivered.

What would you say is the average length of a project?

It absolutely depends on the project size. Since we offer customized equipment it can vary any length of time.

Can you explain the meaning of space planning vs. lab planning?

Space planning takes into account all the task driven productions the clients company must go through. Space planning will take into account all those changes and derivatives of space allocated towards equipments. Then we will come up with a master idea to create optimal ability to flow the production in a quick and concise way. We want to do this to the point where you’re not stepping over each other in different tasks, or getting in the way of other parts or disciplines in your lab. So it involves very specific planning according to whatever production area you want to lay out, and we work to keep the least amount of problems in your way.

Lab planning is the design of the lab to help the person understand what they’re trying to accomplish. We then get them the equipment and build it to be self-sustaining. With lab planning its not so much an ownership project. We try to educate and at the same time we give the client choices of what they can and can’t have depending on certain variables. These variables could be lab size, capacity, location, tasks to be achieved, etc.

Here at Genie, we do mostly space planning. We will give advice and consultation but we try to help our clients the best way we can and to do that we need ownership of a project. We are always asking how we can make each lab better, faster, and stronger.

What is your personal experience in engineering and AutoCAD?

I’ve been at Genie for 3 years, however in this industry for over 20 years now and I’ve been using AutoCAD software since 1989.

What lingering thoughts do you have about lab planning?

I just want clients to understand that they are in charge of the project and we are here to help them with their vision. Every lab is different and there’s no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to this industry. You can ask anything you want and we will give you as much advice as we can. We are here to help you along the way with the process of installation, purchasing, and buying both current and in the future. We are with you throughout the process and thereafter.

 For answers on more questions regarding the planning process and your custom laboratory, contact us here.


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