Moravek Inc and Genie Scientific

Moravek Biochemicals is a state of the art laboratory in Brea, California that provides solutions for clinical trials.  The support they bring to the medical field is crucial in the advancements of human health.  Moravek has been providing research and development since 1975 and is approved for the United States and around the world.  Moravek is also  licensed by the California Department of Health Services (DHS) Food and Drug Branch.

Moravek is an important part of the process in creating pharmaceutical drugs that help aid in a variety of situations.  It is highly important for Moravek to provide quality assurance as well as deliver on time for the clinical trials.  Moravek is one of the largest radiochemistry groups with the expertise and capacity to fulfill the needs of the industry.  Paul Moravek is the CEO and provided insight into the operations of Moravek Biochemicals.  

“Moravek Biochemicals is a labeled compound manufacturing organization, contract manufacturing organization, that provides synthetic services for organic synthesis for potential new drug candidates that clients need to have labeled with isotopes,’ explained Paul Moravek.

Being a part of the beginning stages of a new drug is a daunting and important task.  The team at Moravek is fully capable of handling such projects and exceeding expectations.  The laboratory is set up with the best of the best equipment.  The equipment further ensures quality control as well as time efficiency and safety.  This is a major reason why Moravek uses Genie Scientific for all of their fume hood and laboratory furniture needs.  

“The whole facility been equipped with Genie casework and fume hoods.  And we are very happy with how that presents during tours that we give to inspectors and clients,” said Moravek.  They don’t have the issues with fraying cables like we used to have with the other vendors fume hoods.  So we are very happy with that.  The main things we were looking for in the fume hoods was reliability.  And so we haven’t had an issue with fraying lines, failed hoods since we moved to Genie Scientific.”

Moravek Inc understands the importance of their work and working with trusted, reliable companies such as Genie Scientific will continue to provide them the tools needed to grow, adapt and stay at the forefront of their industry.  

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The Higher Community and Genie Scientific

Genie Scientific continues to push the boundaries of custom built laboratory furniture.  The advancements in the cannabis industry has led to amazing discoveries and Genie Scientific works closely with the emerging market to make sure the laboratory furniture is the best it can be.  This creates a safer work environment which allows for more creativity and innovation.  Genie Scientific worked with The Higher Community in creating a state-of-the-art laboratory for cannabis extraction. 

The Higher Community is a legal type 7 volatile extraction laboratory based in Adelanto, California.  The Higher Community creates a wide range of cannabis concentrates and provides the cannabis community with some of the best products around.  Their facility began it’s buildout in 2019 and has been operational since early 2020.   

“We love what we do and we take pride in what we do,” says Jeff from The Higher Community.  “On a typical day you can see us processing anywhere from 500 to 1000 pounds.  We’re processing typically fresh frozen, cured, as well as trim and toll material for our clients.  We also process  a lot of crude into distillate.”

Jeff is the lead technician at The Higher Community and has been extracting for over 8 years.  The experience obtained throughout the years has allowed Jeff to evolve and grow with the industry.  The ability to work with Genie Scientific has created a lab that Jeff and the staff can now build, grow, and work for years to come with stability, safety, and optimization in mind.  

“This makes it safe for us to be able to process in the environment we are in.  Without our fume hoods and our walk-in enclosures from Genie Scientific, we wouldn’t even be able to do half the stuff we do in here.  We are a volatile extraction lab.  This is a type 7 volatile extraction facility.  The fact that Genie Scientific provided us with these hoods really does help the process overall,” said Jeff.

Genie Scientific furnished and custom built walk-in fume hoods, bench top fume hoods as well as countertops, shelving, and more for The HIgher Community.  Genie Scientific worked closely from conception and renders to manufacturing and installation.   Genie Scientific is based in Southern California and the ability to have everything done in America helped solve a variety of issues.  The job was done efficiently, timely, and –  with being so close – Genie Scientific was able to adapt to last minute changes and fix any updates needed.

Both Genie Scientific and The Higher Community love what they do and when 2 companies with the same level of passion come together great things happen.  

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Eco-Saver Fume Hood

Eco-Saver Fume Hood

Genie Scientific is the leader in laboratory equipment.  From conception to manufacturing to delivery, Genie Scientific works with the community in creating state-of-the-art laboratories.  There are a variety of benefits that result from this level of commitment, and one of the most important is Genie Scientific ability to innovate.  Genie Scientific spends time researching, developing, and listening to feedback from the community and industry to push laboratory innovations.

One of these key innovations is Genie Scientifics Eco-Saver Fume Hood.  The Eco-Saver is a one of a kind Fume Hood.  It comes in 6 standard widths and 4 standard depths but Genie Scientific can custom build their Eco-Saver to fit any laboratory – any width and any depth.  

What makes the Genie Scientific Eco-Saver so much better?

Genie Scientific Eco-Saver is a fume hood that has an extra layer of safety as well as an energy saver without loss of capabilities.  The Eco-Saver is fit with a safety shield.  This safety shield is fitted to the opening of the fume hood and protects the user from any fumes, toxins or possible accident that may arise.  The safety shield is the perfect solution for safety and user-friendly access.  The safety shield is easy to remove and place back.  There is no compromise to the fume hood capabilities or the usability of the fume hood with this added feature.  The Eco-Saver safety shield also doubles as a green hood.  The Eco-Saver uses less energy due to the smaller opening.   It uses about 40% less energy which lowers the overhead created by running the fume hoods.  Multiply this by multiple fume hoods and the savings can be tremendous.  Genie Scientific Eco-Saver Fume Hood is not only levels ahead in safety, but you’re adding revenue due to energy savings.  

Genie Scientific Eco-Saver also comes with their amazing standard features.  These 6 features are the following : ChemTough, PowerLink, SlideSafe, SpillSafe, AirDirect and DirectConnect. Genie Scientific is also UL Listed, ASHRAE Tested, as well as members of SEFA and CAL OSHA.

Genie also offers special use bench top hoods (call us for more information)

  • – Student Viewing Hoods
  • – Radioisotope and Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods
  • – Pass-Thru (Double-Sided Hoods)
  • – Polypropylene Plastic Fume Hoods
  • – Fume Hoods for C1-D1/D2 Environments
  • – ADA Accessible Fume Hoods

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Safety and Compliance

Genie Scientific has been creating, building, manufacturing and installing fume hoods since 1979.  With over 40 years of experience, it is not by chance that they have continued to grow and excel in the fume hood and laboratory furniture industry.  The attention to safety and compliance measures has been a staple with Genie Scientific from the beginning.  This has allowed them to gain the trust of the community and industry.  If you are looking to build out a multi-million dollar facility, or a in the market for a single fume-hood, Genie Scientific cuts no corners when it comes to safety and compliance. 

Genie Scientific is UL 1805 Listed and ASHRAE 110 Tested.  UL Listed is a 3rd party certification that sets the standard for fume hoods.  This allows for customers to be reassured that this is a safe product.  UL 1805 handles electrical and mechanical hazards, checks on flammability of materials, and tracks the effectiveness of air flow patterns and movements.   ASHRAE 110 is another 3rd party testing for face velocity measurement, smoke visualization, and tracer gas containment.  Face velocity measurement tracks the air speed at an inlet or outlet.  This is crucial in keeping customers safe with the gases following a certain airflow that does not reach the user.  Smoke visualization covers the movements and airflow of the smoke that is inside the fume hood.  This not only helps cover the air pattern inside the fume hoods, but also aids in showing how contaminants may be able to escape from the hood, if leaking, and possibly reach the user.    It also helps in checking on the turbulence located at the front of the fume hood.  Tracer gas containment helps in determining the exposure levels of contaminated particles and verifying safe levels.  This is based on tracking the exact amount of gas particles that are escaping from the fume hood.  By being UL 1805 Listed and ASHRAE 110 Tested, Genie Scientific is focused on compliance and safety.

Genie Scientific is proud to be a SEFA and Cal OSHA Member.  The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) is a membership based community with the goal of working together in creating, establishing, and maintaining industry-wide practices and standards in areas of fume hoods, laboratory work surfaces, furniture installations, casework and fixtures.  Genie Scientific is a leader in the community and is constantly looking for ways to improve and raise safety protocols and procedures.  Genie Scientific is also California OSHA certified.  Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to protect and keep working conditions for men and women safe and healthful.  Genie Scientific provides the best working conditions in order to provide the best product.  Safety starts at our workplace and continues at your workplace.

Genie Scientific continues to raise the bar on excellence and safety when it comes to fume hoods and laboratory furniture.  To learn more about Genie Scientific please visit

Powder Coating Metal – Genie Scientific

What is Powder Coating?

Genie Scientific takes pride in manufacturing custom fume hoods.  Whether it is utilizing their standard size models or creating custom fume hoods, Genie Scientific has you covered from conception to creation.  A major detail that Genie Scientific never passes on when creating fume hoods is the powder coating metal.  This application utilizes a modern day technique that is non-solvent based.  This helps make this process more environmentally friendly.  Powder Coated metal fume hoods and casework last decades and are completely recyclable. 

Powder Coating is dry powder that is applied onto metal to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.  This powder can be thermoplastic or thermoset polymer.  Thermoplastic is a plastic polymer that, when heated, becomes soft and then hard when it is cooled.  This material is great as it can be cooled and heated several times without changing the mechanical properties or change in chemistry composition.  Thermoset polymer is a resin that is irreversibly hardened by curing with heat or suitable radiation.  Powder coating is mainly used for metals and is a staple for Genie Scientific.  

Why Powder Coating? 

Powder Coating is environmentally friendly and that powder coating does not need a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form.  This allows for higher quality and longer lasting durability. 

Powder Coating has major advantages which include also the following :  emit zero to near zero volatile organic compounds; produces thicker coatings without running or sagging; recycle friendly; aesthetically no difference between liquid coated items; creates a safer work environment by creating less hazardous waste;  wide selection of colors to choose from.  

Genie Scientific provides powder coating for all their hume hoods.  This includes their benchtop fume hood, walk-in fume hood, and custom food hoods.  Powder coating is a feature that all laboratories should look into when building their facilities.

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New vs Old Fume Hood

“Everything evolves and changes over time. The top of the line equipment you bought years ago may not be the top of the line equipment you should be using today. Here’s a breakdown of newer generation fume hoods compared to older generation fume hoods and why it may be necessary to have yours evaluated.”

Thanks to our friends at Haldeman Homme, Inc in Minnesota, read more to learn about the fundamental differences between new and old laboratory equipment, and how an out-dated fume hood could be affecting your work.

ESD Laminate Surfaces: Everything you Need to Know


Electrostatic discharge, or ESD, occurs when two objects rub together and one object gives up electrons to another object. This causes one to become more positively charged while the other object becomes more negatively charged, creating a charge imbalance once the two materials or objects separate.

These charges then may build up on an object’s surface until they find a way to be discharged. In industrial workspaces and laboratories, static electricity can interfere with weighing accuracy, cleanroom specifications and safety requirements. o combat this problem, ESD Laminate surfaces are made of high pressure laminate with a carbon layer that dissipates any static that is generated. This type of surface also provides other benefits, such as resistance to staining and chemicals that include acetone, gasoline and 10% ammonium solutions. An ESD Laminate workbench also can be configured to include shelving and accessories to meet storage needs…..

This article was taken from our friends at Workstations Inc, in Santa Ana, California.

Workbenches & Ergonomics

Ergonomics play a major role in ensuring the safety and well-being of workers.

Yet while many manufacturers have procedures in place that focus on preventing accidents, many forget that injuries can result from poor ergonomics as well.

These injuries can have a significant impact on a company.

Some of the most recently available data shows sprains, strains and tears collectively was the leading type of injury in manufacturing in 2017…..

This article has been sourced from our friends at Workstations Incorporated in Santa Ana, California.

Laboratory Maintenance 101

Keeping your lab equipment in peak condition is vital if the results of your experiments are going to be accurate and reliable. Precise measurements are the foundation of most science experiments, so failing to maintain your equipment could derail your entire study. Contamination can also completely invalidate your lab results, so thorough housekeeping is just as important as the more glamorous parts of working in a lab.

This article has been sourced and linked from our friends at Interfocus in the United Kingdom.

AutoCAD & Solidworks with Genie Scientific

Building the right lab for your company is one of the most important tasks for optimal outcome. It requires close and constant collaboration between the supplier, engineers, and lab owners.  At Genie Scientific, we take ownership in the proposal portion of our work together. We make sure your desired outcome is understood, along with the various circumstances and limitations surrounding your lab. Below we feature an interview with Oscar, a Genie engineer and AutoCAD professional who talks lab planning and process at Genie Scientific.

 What is the laboratory planning process at Genie Scientific?

When we receive a new client, we ask various questions to ascertain quickly if they need custom equipment or standard lab equipment installed. To do so, we find out space limitations, budget, task goals, number of staff and a few other factors. Once we have that information, it is handed to our estimators for analysis. From there our estimators go through the information and allocate the types of furniture needed for the job. We then create a 2D representation of our proposal and that will then come down to approval from the customer.

So you work with multiple people before using the AutoCAD software?

Yes, I work with Javier, Garrett, Sinisa, Tao and a few others to make sure we all understand what needs and how quickly and effectively we can give the client what they need for the project.

What does an AutoCAD drawing show the customer?

It is a total digital representation of what they’ve requested or what we’re proposing. It will communicate everything from size, color, type of pulls, the sheet metals that needs to be added or taken away, etc.

What happens once the client approves the draft?

After the client has approved the proposal, Ollie and I are given lead on the project here in engineering, where we program the sheet metal to be punched and made. The team meets every Tuesday and Thursday to discuss the progress of each project until the items are delivered.

What would you say is the average length of a project?

It absolutely depends on the project size. Since we offer customized equipment it can vary any length of time.

Can you explain the meaning of space planning vs. lab planning?

Space planning takes into account all the task driven productions the clients company must go through. Space planning will take into account all those changes and derivatives of space allocated towards equipments. Then we will come up with a master idea to create optimal ability to flow the production in a quick and concise way. We want to do this to the point where you’re not stepping over each other in different tasks, or getting in the way of other parts or disciplines in your lab. So it involves very specific planning according to whatever production area you want to lay out, and we work to keep the least amount of problems in your way.

Lab planning is the design of the lab to help the person understand what they’re trying to accomplish. We then get them the equipment and build it to be self-sustaining. With lab planning its not so much an ownership project. We try to educate and at the same time we give the client choices of what they can and can’t have depending on certain variables. These variables could be lab size, capacity, location, tasks to be achieved, etc.

Here at Genie, we do mostly space planning. We will give advice and consultation but we try to help our clients the best way we can and to do that we need ownership of a project. We are always asking how we can make each lab better, faster, and stronger.

What is your personal experience in engineering and AutoCAD?

I’ve been at Genie for 3 years, however in this industry for over 20 years now and I’ve been using AutoCAD software since 1989.

What lingering thoughts do you have about lab planning?

I just want clients to understand that they are in charge of the project and we are here to help them with their vision. Every lab is different and there’s no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to this industry. You can ask anything you want and we will give you as much advice as we can. We are here to help you along the way with the process of installation, purchasing, and buying both current and in the future. We are with you throughout the process and thereafter.

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