Powder Coating Metal – Genie Scientific

What is Powder Coating?

Genie Scientific takes pride in manufacturing custom fume hoods.  Whether it is utilizing their standard size models or creating custom fume hoods, Genie Scientific has you covered from conception to creation.  A major detail that Genie Scientific never passes on when creating fume hoods is the powder coating metal.  This application utilizes a modern day technique that is non-solvent based.  This helps make this process more environmentally friendly.  Powder Coated metal fume hoods and casework last decades and are completely recyclable. 

Powder Coating is dry powder that is applied onto metal to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.  This powder can be thermoplastic or thermoset polymer.  Thermoplastic is a plastic polymer that, when heated, becomes soft and then hard when it is cooled.  This material is great as it can be cooled and heated several times without changing the mechanical properties or change in chemistry composition.  Thermoset polymer is a resin that is irreversibly hardened by curing with heat or suitable radiation.  Powder coating is mainly used for metals and is a staple for Genie Scientific.  

Why Powder Coating? 

Powder Coating is environmentally friendly and that powder coating does not need a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form.  This allows for higher quality and longer lasting durability. 

Powder Coating has major advantages which include also the following :  emit zero to near zero volatile organic compounds; produces thicker coatings without running or sagging; recycle friendly; aesthetically no difference between liquid coated items; creates a safer work environment by creating less hazardous waste;  wide selection of colors to choose from.  

Genie Scientific provides powder coating for all their hume hoods.  This includes their benchtop fume hood, walk-in fume hood, and custom food hoods.  Powder coating is a feature that all laboratories should look into when building their facilities.

To learn more about Powder Coating and Genie Scientific, contact 714-545-1838 or visit www.geniescientific.com

Genie Scientific and the 6 Standard Features on Fume Hoods

Genie Scientific is located in Fountain Valley, California and manufactures laboratory furniture.  We provide standard options but we thrive in custom work too!  Genie specializes in fume hoods and provides 2 options – benchtop and floor mounted (walk-in) fume hoods.  Both options come in 6 standard widths and 4 standard depths, or one is able to customize the size to their fits and needs.  What is important to remember about Genie Scientific is that all of our equipment comes standard with 6 amazing features – ChemTough, PowerLink, SlideSafe, SpillSafe, AirDirect and DirectConnect.  

Each of Genie Scientifics 6 Standard Features are important in providing the scientists the best possible work environment.  The safety of everyone involved is an important factor that Genie Scientific takes seriously.  The first feature is ChemTough.  There are cheaper options available and while you may save a few dollars, ChemTough is the most durable general purpose liner out there and where safety is concerned, Genie does not cut corners.  The second feature is called PowerLink.  This is a robust chain with a sprocket sash counterbalance system.  Genie Scientific stands behind the quality of our work and guarantees that this system will never fail.  The third feature is called SlideSafe.  SlideSafe are horizontal sliding doors that hang from a heavy duty iBeam.  We also use jump proof carries for a much user friendly experience.  This also increases safety as there is no more worrying about broken or gunked-up lower track wheels to cause problems.  Genie Scientific pays close attention to detail and a feature as simple as SpillSafe is crucial in maintaining a proper workflow and keeping safety measures in place.  SpillSafe refers to the fume hood work surface being dished to safely contain any spills inside the hood.  The inside of fume hoods is extremely important to have proper equipment as well as ventilation.  This is why Genie Scientific has their AirDirect flow technology.  Genie’s benchtop and distillation hoods are fitted with an aerodynamic airfoil to direct air across the work surface ensuring floor sweep.  This feature helps improve the safety of the scientists and workers.  The 6 Standard Features that Genie Scientific has on fume hoods is our DirectConnect feature/  DirectConnect allows for the most convenient and easy to use connection on the exhaust collar.  No complicated or expensive ductwork transition pieces needed.  

These 6 features come standard with Genie Scientific because we understand the level of work needed to maintain a proper laboratory. Genie Scientific Floor Mounted Walk-In Fume Hoods are UL 1805 Listed, OSHA compliant, and ASHRAE 110 tested.  Genie Scientific is also proud to be a member of the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association.  

To learn more about our 6 Standard Features or more, contact us at 714-545-1838

Custom Fume Hoods

Laboratory equipment is an important part to any lab and choosing the correct equipment to install is based upon the scale of work and type of industry you are in.  Genie Scientific excels in Custom Fume Hoods and loves working with clients in creating their custom laboratory.  Genie Scientific thrives in Custom Fume Hoods but does offer 6 Standard Bench Top Fume Hoods as well as 6 Standard Floor Mounted Fume Hoods if one does not choose custom work.  Genie Scientific is number one in design, fabrication, and ventilated enclosures when it comes to Custom Fume Hoods.  

When choosing Custom Fume Hoods it is crucial that Genie Scientific is manufactured in California.  This allows for savings in cost with shipping, guaranteed quality of work, as well as the flexibility to adapt to last second updates, changes and/or modifications.  Genie Scientific is customer service focused and delivering on time is a staple of the company.  

There are major benefits of having Genie Scientific manufacture your Custom Fume Hood.  Genie Scientific is able to meet the specifications, requirements, dimensions and criteria that you are exactly looking for.  Genie Scientific provides unique sash options, stainless steel exteriors and interiors, custom pass-thru hoods, custom distillation fume hoods, and guarantees their custom hoods and enclosures meet safety requirements and approval for C1-D1/D2 Classified Environments.  Another benefit includes the ability to build enormous Floor Mounted (Walk-In) Fume Hoods that are extra tall, extra wide, and extra deep.  The precision in which Genie Scientific manufactures their Custom Fume Hoods is unrivaled.

When working with Genie Scientific in creating your Custom Fume Hoods, the features that Genie Scientific brings to their work is impressive.  Genie Scientific used the most durable general purpose fume hood liner on the market – ChemTough™.  The Custom Fume Hoods come with a robust chain and sprocket sash counterbalance system that will never fail – Power Link.  Their SlideSafe technology helps provide extra safety as you will not have to worry about broken or gunked-up wheels.   The interior is SpillSafe™ as the work surfaces are dished to safely spill. An important set of features that Genie Scientific provides is their AirDirect and Direct Connect airflow and exhaust connection.  The safety and user friendly features are invaluable.  

Genie Scientific works closely with each client and provides an easy walk through when ordering their Custom Fume Hood.  The process is simple.  The first step is identifying the interior working dimensions.  This is the space in which you would like to build your lab.   The next step is calling Genie Scientific for a free consultation.   714-545-1838

Here is a brief video on Custom Fume Hoods and Genie Scientific features. 


To view Genie Scientific’s catalog on Fume Hoods to see which Fume Hood you like, please visit  https://geniescientific.com/catalogs/

Floor Mounted Walk-In Fume Hoods

Floor Mounted Walk-In Fume Hoods are commonly known as Walk-In Fume Hoods, as one is literally able to “walk-in”.  We specialize in custom work but also offer 6 standard widths that come in 4 standard depths. This means our Floor Mounted Walk-In Fume Hoods are the perfect fit for any laboratory.  No matter the size of your experiment.  Our Standard and Custom units are UL1805 Listed and ASHRAE 100 tested. Our Floor Mounted Walk-In Fume Hoods also feature our 6 must-haves that come standard.  Our Floor Mounted Walk-In Fume Hoods are ChemTough, SpillSafe, and carry our PowerLink, SlideSafe, AirDirect and DirectConnect technology.  

ChemTough is the most durable general purpose fume hood liner on the market and comes as the standard option on Genie Scientific Floor Mounted Walk-In Fume Hoods.  The PowerLinkTM Robust chain and sprocket sash is the perfect counterbalance system and is guaranteed by Genie Scientific to never fail.  SlideSafeTM horizontal sliding doors hang from a heavy duty iBeam via rugged jump proof carriers for enhanced ease of use and safety. No more worrying about broken or gunked-up lower track wheels.  SpillSafeTM Fume hood work surfaces are dished to safely contain spills inside the hood.  AirDirectTM Benchtop and distillation hoods are fitted with an aerodynamic airfoil to direct air across the work surface ensuring floor sweep for safe operation.  DirectConnectTM is used in all hoods and is fitted with a simple round exhaust collar for connection to building HVAC.  No complicated or expensive ductwork transition pieces needed, just a simple round connection.  

Genie Scientific keeps your safety in mind and therefore makes sure to have all procedures in place and 3rd party inspectors to verify the level of work.  Genie Scientific Floor Mounted Walk-In Fume Hoods are UL 1805 Listed, OSHA compliant, and ASHRAE 110 tested.  Genie Scientific is also proud to be a member of the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association.  When Genie Scientific builds a Floor Mounted Walk-In Fume Hood, Genie Scientific makes them with the most durable material on the market, and with the smartest minds on the market.

Contact 714-545-1838 to learn more about how Genie Scientific is right for you.

Bench Top Fume Hoods

Bench Top Fume Hoods are the most common fume hoods on the market.  Genie Scientific is the leader in installing, developing, and customizing Bench Top Fume Hoods.  Bench Top Fume Hoods are installed on the top of lower base units as well as on top of most typical base cabinets.  Genie Scientific offers their SlimLine Bench Top Fume Hoods in 6 standard widths and 4 standard depths.  A major benefit to working with Genie Scientific is they also offer custom bench top fume hoods to fit the needs and specifications of the client.  Genie Scientific is made in California which is instrumental when working with clients and custom work.  The ability for Genie Scientific to pivot and adapt to the clients needs is valuable in streamlining the project and delivering on time.  

When choosing a Bench Top Fume Hood, Genie Scientific takes you through the entire process.  Based upon your business, the type of chemistry, equipment, and interior work space, Genie Scientific works with you in choosing the correct and proper Bench Top Fume Hood.  Genie Scientific’s Bench Top Fume Hoods mounts on most cabinets or Genie Scientific will create a custom Bench Top Fume Hood for you.  Genie Scientific will then go through the variety of options when selecting the sash style.  The “sash style” refers to the sliding panels that allow the scientists to conduct their work.  There is a wide variety that range from Vertical, Horizontal, Combination, Split, SideSafe Horizontal, and Vertical Rising.  Upon choosing the correct sash style, the next step is the interior liner material.  Bench Top Fume Hoods by Genie Scientific comes standard with ChemTough, the most durable, general purpose fume hood liner on the market.  Bench Top Fume Hoods also have the ability to use Stainless Steel and Polypropylene.  These options are not as beneficial and durable as the ChemTough that comes standard and provided by Genie Scientific.  After choosing the interior lining for the Bench Top Fume Hood, creating the perfect air flow is crucial in laboratories.  Bench Top Fume Hoods have two distinct sash operating positions, exhaust and bypass. Implementing the correct airflow ensures better protection of scientists and helps reduce the amount of supply air needed from your HVAC system.  Genie Scientific works closely with you in choosing the correct airflow for your Bench Top Fume Hood.  The final step when working with Genie Scientific and Bench Top Fume Hoods is choosing your accessories.  From base units, plumbing, electrical, exhaust blowers and specialty equipment (such as Secondary Containment Trays, Cord Ports, Ceiling Enclosure Panel, Distillation Racks and Sash Stops.  Genie Scientific also offers a diverse set of colors for you to choose from.

Genie Scientific is the leader in Bench Top Fume Hoods and in being so, provides industry leading standard features.  This includes PowerLink™ (Robust chain and sprocket sash counterbalance system that will never fail),  SlideSafe™ (Horizontal sliding doors that hang from a heavy duty iBeam via rugged jump proof carriers for enhanced ease of use and safety), SpillSafe™ (Fume Hood work surfaces are dished to safely contain spills inside the hood), AirDirect™ (Bench Top Fume Hoods and distillation hoods are fitted with an aerodynamic airfoil to direct air across the work surface ensuring floor sweep for safe operation), and DirectConnect™ (All our hoods are fitted with a simple round exhaust collar for connection to building HVAC). 

To learn more on Bench Top Fume Hoods and Genie Scientific, contact us at 714-545-1838 or https://geniescientific.com/bench-top-fume-hoods/

Fume Hood Piping

Service fixtures, Pre-Plumbed, Pre-Piped, Factory Plumbed, Factory Piped but what does it all mean?

This article is going to explain fume hood piping. Upon reading, you will now the different parts of a service fixture, how they are piped and most importantly why.  

Genie can equip fume hoods with a variety of services. Services referred to plumbing and electrical components like, electrical outlets, sinks, plumbing fixtures for gas, vacuum, air and water.

This article is going to talk about plumbing service fixtures for lab gases and water.

First off, what is a fume hood plumbing service fixture?

Simply stated: It is a plumbing fixture assembly made up of (4) components. 

  • Control Handle
  • Valve
  • Outlet Fitting
  • Supply Piping

Control Handle

The control handle allows the user to safely turn the valve on and off from the outside of the hood.  They have a color-coded index button on the front of the handle to allow users to identify the correct service.

The handle is connected via control-rod through the front post of the fume hood into the fume hood side wall where it connects to the valve.  

Turning the control handle open and closed the valve. 


Factory installed in the fume hood side wall is the valve. 

The most common valve type is a brass needle-valve.  Valves can be made from stainless steel, tin lined brass or polypropylene.   There are also fine control needle valves and ball valves for ADA application, along with many different options

Valves have an inlet and an outlet.  The outlet is connected to an “outlet fitting” that is factory mounted to the interior side wall of the hood. The valve is accessible by removing the fume hood exterior side panel or the interior service access panel. Genie hoods come standard with an extra-large and easily removable interior service panel for easy access. Attached with (4) capped screws there are no frustrating gaskets to deal with. 

Outlet Fitting

The outlet fitting is the point of use connection inside the hood. 

Standard finish is powder coated brass, they also come in stainless steel, nylon, and polypropylene.

Outlet fittings come in a variety of styles.  Standard for gases is a 45-degree fitting with a serrated hose end.  A standard water fitting looks like a faucet and has a vacuum breaker. (Note: If you have a water fixture inside your hood most jurisdictions will require a cup sink to allow for drainage.) The outlet is fed when the valve is opened. The valve is fed from its inlet connected to the supply piping. 

Supply Piping 

This is where the term pre-plumbed/factory piped etc. comes into play.

In the factory Genie will connect piping to the valve inlet and run it to the top (or bottom) of the fume hood, standard is 4” above the hood. This is where the term pre-plumbed/piped comes from.  

Why do we do this?

  1. It saves time and money.  Plumber only need to make the final connection from the building supply to the piping above (or below) the fume hood. The added cost of a plumber needing to open the sides of all the fume hood and pipe each valve is very expensive.  Some fume hoods can have as many as (10) service fixtures.  Genie believes in Lean manufacturing and construction principles; we always want to maximize factory time and minimize field time.  We go above and beyond our competitors and install a strip on heavy duty Unistrut that support or factory pipes with cushion clamps.
  2. Factory Tested.  Genie fume hoods ship from the factory as a complete UL 1805 Listed unit.  Anything that is factory piped is tested to ensure there are no leaks.
  3. Limits Trade Damage.  Fume hoods are finished product. Most trades are hesitant to touch other trades work especial a fume hood that requires the removing of finished panels to access the valves.  Factory piping helps eliminates this issue. 
Dual vs. Single Point Connection Example: Picture a fume hood that has a Vacuum Fixture on the left and right post. There are two options.
  1. Dual Point Connection
    • Each fixture will be piped up above the hood and the plumber will need to make a connection from the building supply lines on the left and right side. From the factory this is a less expensive options and standard.

  2. Single Point Connection 
    • Single point connection is a more expensive option from the factory but can save time and money in the field. Genie will factory plumb the fixtures on the left and right to a single “T” fitting (customer to specific left or right side) so the plumber only needs to make one connection to supply both fixtures. (See Figure X)
    • Something to think about: Ensure the fume hood can fit into the room fully assembled or Genie will need to install union fittings so the piping assembly can be taken apart. A perfect example would be a walk-in style fume hood that is assembled in place. The unit would be fully assembled in the factory and tested.  However, it needs to be broken down for shipment then reconnected in the field. 

Piping Material 

Different services require different piping materials. The information below is Genie standard materials and methods. Different states, jurisdictions, and projects may require different means and methods. Please consult with your design professional and engineer of record to specify the correct materials.

The list below is ranked from least expensive to most expensive.

Water, Vacuum, Insert Gases

Standard: Type “L” ½” Hard Copper Tubing with Viega ProPress (Brass & Copper) Fitting Connections.

  • This is this the least expensive option, ProPress is a fast an efficient way to plumb and wide accepted for use with many different services
  • The tubing is not “cleaned & capped”

Option 2: Type “L” ½” Hard Copper Tubing with 95/5 Lead Free Soldered Connections to copper fittings.

  • Soft solder is the old tried and true way to make connections but can be considered “dirty” for some application due to the use of solder flux. 
  • The tubing is not “cleaned & capped”

Option 3:  3/8” ACR Copper Tubing with Brass Compression Fittings.

  • Also known as refrigeration & air conditioning tubing, ACR tubing comes “cleaned & capped” to prevent moisture and dirt from contaminating the inside.  Material is more expensive than ½” hard copper tubing 
  • Tubing is connected to the valve and elbow with a brass compression fitting (brand names like Parker and Swagelok)

Option 4: Stainless steel

  • Stainless steel ½” tubing with stainless steel Viega ProPress Fittings
  • Stainless steel 3/8” tubing with stainless steel Swagelok compressions fittings 

Burning Gases

  • ½” Black Iron Pipe with Threaded Connections


  • Stainless steel ½” Tubing and stainless steel Viego ProPress Fittings
  • Stainless steel 3/8” tubing and stainless-steel compression fittings 

DI Water

  • As a standard DI Water cannot be factory piped
  • Under special request Genie can pipe with ½” stainless steel Viego ProPress tubing and fittings or 3/8” stainless steel tubing and stainless-steel compression fittings


  • For unique or custom request, Genie can bring in a licensed 3rd party pipe fitter to the factory to plumb almost anything


Factory Testing

All valves come from the manufacturer tested to ensure quality. 

Genie tests all its piped assembles in the factory prior to shipment to ensure there are no leaks.

We look forward to working with you.

Genie Scientific Overview

Genie Scientific is the industry leader in custom lab furniture.  Genie Scientific was established in 1979 and is a pioneer in the industry.  Their innovations, such as the  Eco-Saver Fume Hood and RetroFit Fume Hood which aids in saving the technicians life in case of an accident, has helped transform the laboratory community.  Steel lab furniture is their speciality but they also work with Epoxy Resin and Phenolic Resin.  Genie Scientific is proud to boast that all their furniture exceeds safety standards and that every piece of furniture undergoes a 12-point inspection.  Genie Scientific is located in Fountain Valley, California where they manufacture 90% of their jobs.  Here they are able to control the entire production from concept to completion.  The ability to manufacture the project in-house helps in creating the best projects as situations such as last minute changes and updates are handled much easier.  This is crucial as Genie Scientific understands time is valuable and will always deliver on-time.  Genie Scientific offers custom lab furniture for a variety of laboratory settings and works with you in creating valuable engineered solutions.  Due to the custom work, Genie Scientific is able to build around your budget and criteria.  This helps when making their lab furniture fit any apparatus.  When it comes to lab furniture, Genie Scientific continues to raise the bar.  

To find out more on Genie Scientific, visit www.geniescientific.com

Eco-Saver Fume Hood and RetroFit Fume Hood – Genie Scientific

Genie Scientific is once again raising the bar in the scientific industry.  A staple in the industry, Genie Scientific is already known for their professionalism, craftsmanship and attention to what the client is looking for in design, durability, and custom fittings.  An aspect that is not overlooked in the building of GenieScientific products is safety.  In research and development, Genie Scientific is the first to bring an extra layer of safety while lowering overhead for the company.

Wynn O’neill is the Chief Financial Officer of Genie Scientific and was key in bringing this project to fruition.  There are a lot of moving parts in Genie Scientific and a key feature that is never lost during their 3 decades of business is the overall safety of the workers using Genie Scientific equipment.  Each fume hood meets and passes with high marks, the stringent standards and inspections by Underwriters Laboratories.  They also meet the standards by the American Society of Hearing, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE 110 Standards), which govern the testing of laboratory hoods for proper performance.  Keeping up with each protocol and procedure ensures top quality products.  Genie Scientific proudly raises the bar and continues to improve safety with their new Eco-Saver Fume Hood and Retro Fit Fume Hood.  Wynn O’neil explains how.

“We have two safety shields for 2 different operators.  And the important things about that, obviously, is having that additional safety when you’re working with chemicals, etc.  If you have an explosion etc. that would save your life,” said Wynn O’neill.  

The main feature of the Eco-Saver Fume Hood is the safety shields that create a barrier between the operator and the chemicals being manufactured.  This added safety feature creates a safer work environment which translates to an overall better working environment.  Studies have shown that a positive working environment creates for better work.  (Harvard Business Review*) Not only does this added safety shield create a safer work environment, it also helps reduce overhead. 

“The nice thing about this as well, is that it decreases the flow of air that comes in, which is a benefit to your cost savings on your electric bill,” says Wynn O’neill.  “ And when you get hundreds of hoods in one building, that is substantial.”

The benefits from these hoods are felt throughout each department of the business.  From the financial section to the working environment to the product that is being produced.  Genie Scientific has created a product that is at the top of its class.  And Genie Scientific did not stop there.  Genie Scientific goes above and beyond with their RetroFit Fume Hood.  This RetroFit Fume Hood is a custom hood that fits into any pre-existing fume hood.  The company does not need to own a Genie Scientific Eco Saver Fume Hood in order to receive the benefits created by this new product.

“In the Retro, you’ve got this bar and this bar that goes across and that is susceptible to anybody else’s hood […] It doesn’t matter.  We can retrofit your hood to meet that.  And that to me is the money shot.  People can save lives with these hoods,” explained Wynn O’neill.

The attention of customer needs while being forward thinking keep Genie Scientific at the forefront of innovation and the industry.  Genie Scientific continues to spread their knowledge and research with others to help educate and bring the community to even greater heights.  Genie Scientific is a trusted source that continues to improve their products as well as the rest of the industry.

Epoxy Resin Vs. Phenolic Resin Laboratory Countertops – Genie Scientific

Genie Scientific provides all the necessary fixtures and accessories to give you a fully functional lab space.  Genie Scientific works with two different types of materials when building custom laboratory countertops – Epoxy Resin and Phenolic Resin.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both and depending on what type of laboratory and its uses, each should be considered.  Garrett LeVan of Genie Scientific explains each one and will work with you in choosing the right one.

Epoxy Resin – Advantages & Disadvantages

Epoxy Resin is used in a variety of products such as adhesives, paints, primers, sealers and plastics.  Epoxy Resin is used widely in construction as it has strong bonding properties as well it is durable in heat, impact and chemicals.  Garrett LeVan provided further insight.

“It is made out of resins, hardeners and silica. It’s molded in sheets and cooked in an oven,” explains Garret LeVan.   “It’s resistant to a huge range of chemicals.  Probably its best aspect is it is resistant to high, high heat.  Even temperatures over 350 degrees fahrenheit.”

Epoxy Resin tends to be used in laboratories that deal with higher temperature materials.  Epoxy Resin tends to last a little bit longer than Phenolic Resin countertops, depending on use.

The main disadvantage to Epoxy Resin is it is only manufactured in 3 areas of the United States.  North Carolina, Arkansas and Texas. This leads to higher cost, longer lead time and when needing replacement parts and pieces, it can take a lot longer to fix.

Phenolic Resin – Advantages & Disadvantages

Phenolic Resin is also used in a variety of products but is most commonly used in circuit boards, billiard balls, and laboratory countertops.  Phenolic Resin also has strong bonding properties and is durable in heat, impact and chemicals.  The main difference is explained by Garrett LeVan.

“To really simplify it, it is craft paper mixed with glues and resins put under extreme pressure and heat to make a kind of layered material,” explains Garrett LeVan.  “Some things that I really like about it – we fabricate it here at Genie.  We also work with some local fabricators.  We buy it in sheets and cut it to size for your job.  This gives us greater flexibility.  If you want to make last minute changes, it is much easier than putting an order into an Epoxy Resin factory.”

There are a lot of similarities that Phenolic Resin has to Epoxy Resin.  The main disadvantage is that Phenolic Resin is not conducive to working with temperatures higher than 350 degrees fahrenheit. 

Which Is Better?

The question is more which is better for you.  There are a lot of similar properties between Epoxy Resin and Phenolic Resin for chemical resistance, abrasion and durability.  If you are going with really high heat – the choice is Epoxy Resin.  If you are looking for more flexibility, quicker lead times and better pricing – the choice is Phenolic Resin. 

For more information on which countertops to use for your laboratory, visit www.geniescientific.com and contact us. 

Vanguard University

Vanguard University is a prestigious accredited Christian university located in Orange County, California.  Vanguard prides itself in the pursuit of knowledge, cultivation of character, and the further deepening of faith to instill each student an empowered life.  While having started its roots in 1927, Vanguard University is the first four-year Christian institution with its accreditation given in 1976.  The mission and history of such an establishment further heightens the importance of designing, building, and installing top of the line, quality, custom lab furniture.

Vanguard University offers Undergraduate, Professional Studies, and Graduate programs.  The university focuses on providing their education and mission with 3 core values.  Pursuit of Truth, Cultivation of Character and the Desire for Service.  They maintain these values by standing by cultural diversity, racial reconciliation and gender equality.  Vanguard has the Global Center for Women and Justice, Jesse Miranda Center for HIspanic Leadership, and Intercultural Student Programing.

Genie Scientific is the perfect fit as we provide all the tools necessary to create the environment Vanguard was looking for.  We worked hand in hand in designing the laboratory to the exact specifications and feel for their desires.  Our strong, reliable and custom lab furniture is the exact blend of quality and durability that is needed to handle the rigors of college students.  Our laboratories are built to last and our attention to detail is uncanny.  Not only will our laboratories  handle the wear and tear of daily use by students, but our safety precautions are unrivaled.   The understanding of safety issues and concerns are at the top of our list and we have the correct systems in place to adapt our labs to any situation. 

Vanguard University and Genie Scientific created a strong and comfortable lab to keep the students safe, but also excited to enter the class.  Upon entering the laboratory, one is able to notice the degree of quality and expertise involved.  It was a great project to work on and the people at Vanguard University made the experience even better.