Genie Scientific continues to push the boundaries of custom built laboratory furniture.  The advancements in the cannabis industry has led to amazing discoveries and Genie Scientific works closely with the emerging market to make sure the laboratory furniture is the best it can be.  This creates a safer work environment which allows for more creativity and innovation.  Genie Scientific worked with The Higher Community in creating a state-of-the-art laboratory for cannabis extraction. 

The Higher Community is a legal type 7 volatile extraction laboratory based in Adelanto, California.  The Higher Community creates a wide range of cannabis concentrates and provides the cannabis community with some of the best products around.  Their facility began it’s buildout in 2019 and has been operational since early 2020.   

“We love what we do and we take pride in what we do,” says Jeff from The Higher Community.  “On a typical day you can see us processing anywhere from 500 to 1000 pounds.  We’re processing typically fresh frozen, cured, as well as trim and toll material for our clients.  We also process  a lot of crude into distillate.”

Jeff is the lead technician at The Higher Community and has been extracting for over 8 years.  The experience obtained throughout the years has allowed Jeff to evolve and grow with the industry.  The ability to work with Genie Scientific has created a lab that Jeff and the staff can now build, grow, and work for years to come with stability, safety, and optimization in mind.  

“This makes it safe for us to be able to process in the environment we are in.  Without our fume hoods and our walk-in enclosures from Genie Scientific, we wouldn’t even be able to do half the stuff we do in here.  We are a volatile extraction lab.  This is a type 7 volatile extraction facility.  The fact that Genie Scientific provided us with these hoods really does help the process overall,” said Jeff.

Genie Scientific furnished and custom built walk-in fume hoods, bench top fume hoods as well as countertops, shelving, and more for The HIgher Community.  Genie Scientific worked closely from conception and renders to manufacturing and installation.   Genie Scientific is based in Southern California and the ability to have everything done in America helped solve a variety of issues.  The job was done efficiently, timely, and –  with being so close – Genie Scientific was able to adapt to last minute changes and fix any updates needed.

Both Genie Scientific and The Higher Community love what they do and when 2 companies with the same level of passion come together great things happen.  

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